Happy Hot And Sweaty NYFW!

Happy hot and sweat NYFW you guys! I'm super excited for all of the fun events I have going on this week. I will be kicking off the week tonight with Shopbop and then the Fashion Media Awards hosted by Fashion Week Daily. Be sure to follow along on instagram for a behind the scenes look at the week!

Life Update: Back And Better Than Ever!

Guys!! Finally posting this amazing pink dress that I discovered at the Shopbop style high event this spring. I have been living in it this summer - it’s so easy to dress up and down. I have worn it to rehearsal dinners and barbecues, so it has basically been living either on my body or in my carry on. But before I get fully lost in this look, let me explain my brief hiatus from posting here and give you all a little life update.

I See You Fourth Of July

It’s HERE! My favorite week of the year! Fourth of July week has this special quality about it unlike any other time for me. There is just something about it - I can’t quite put it into words. The best analogy that I can think of is the feeling you had as a little kid about the tooth fairy, Santa, the Easter bunny etc. It’s *magic* !

It’s Officially Summer – So Naturally, I’m Dressed Like The 4th Of July

It’s officially summer… so naturally I’m dressed like the Fourth of July. It’s no secret by now that any combination of red, white and blue (especially involving a stripe) is my summer uniform. I never tire of it and don’t ever want to. That said, when I find something in one of those colors and it fits *perfectly* and is comfortable, I know it’s going to be loved and lived in.

The Sneakers Of Summer

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen by now that I have been living in these Sperry sneakers. They are the most comfortable sneaks that I have maybe ever worn. Which is saying something, since I have previously described sneakers as sleeping bags for your feet!

The Best Dress Ever | thevillagevogue.com

File Under: The Best Dress Ever

October 25, 2016

Happy Tuesday kids – I’m not sure where time is going these days. It’s seems like right when you want everything in your life to just pause, take a breather...

The Best Dress Ever | thevillagevogue.com
A New York minute + this bad a$$ Ela clutch | thevillagevogue.com

A New York Minute + This Bad A$$ Clutch by Ela

October 19, 2016

This past week I celebrated my birthday and it was a pretty great one. The NY Rangers won their season home opener, I had my favorite cupcakes from Little Cupcake...

A New York minute + this bad a$$ Ela clutch | thevillagevogue.com
Back in that fall groove | thevillagevogue.com

Getting Back Into That Fall Groove

October 11, 2016

After getting used to spending so much time out of the city in the summer it always takes me a little while to get back into my fall groove in...

Back in that fall groove | thevillagevogue.com

Keeping Summer Going With Furla

September 9, 2016

Think fast! It’s officially time to wear every single outfit you meant to wear the summer but somehow forgot to pack for your weekends away. The end of summer countdown...

Long Live Summer (and exceptionally cool denim jackets) | thevillagevogue.com

Long Live Summer

August 31, 2016

I often times get a strange sense of anxiety leading up to Labor Day weekend. It’s not very surprising since I love summer the way that I do. But year...

Long Live Summer (and exceptionally cool denim jackets) | thevillagevogue.com

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