When It’s Summer In October

My birthday was this past Friday, Friday the 13th to be specific. Spooky, I know. But 13 is my lucky number so I dig it. And my actual birthday was one of the...

Living For Velvet

Happy Sunday and happy October! And just like that it’s finally feeling fall.Yesterday, was one of the first days that felt like fall here on the East Coast. Last week it was 80° and sunny and now all of the sudden, you can’t leave home without a jacket. Don’t get me wrong, it is about time. But the seasons are funny that way, in that they sneak up on you even when you know they’re coming.

One Of My Favorite Looks From NYFW

Happy Thursday guys! Now that NYFW is over, I wanted to get a quick post up wearing one of my favorite looks from the week. The energy of the city - which is always undeniable - goes to a contagious almost infectious level during fashion week. And this one was no exception. This was on my busiest NYFW's yet. I was all over the city attending shows and shooting some stellar content with some crazy talented photographers. So - I have a lot more to share with you. 


This past month I was talking to my mom about colors that I am really feeling for at the moment. Yellow is at the top of the list. Lately, I...

One More *September* Beach Weekend

Guys! First - I'm sorry for the delay in getting this post up. Things have been a bit crazy getting into the swing of things post LDW with all of the fashion week madness. I have been super busy this past week creating a *TON* of amazing content and seeing some super rad collections. So stay tuned because a whole lotta shiny new fashion week goodness is coming your way. 

Ain’t No Party Like An Ankle Party !!!

April 19, 2017

Guys!! I am FEELING these ankle party pants. They probably look v familiar since I just recently posted about this very same pair in *red*. But when something is this...

Still Not Over Pompoms | elizahiggins.com

Still Not Over Pompoms

April 7, 2017

Last week I was in Mexico which, if you follow me on social media, you know. Because (as promised) I over-posted on Instagram. I just can’t help it when surrounded...

Still Not Over Pompoms | elizahiggins.com
Dog Hats, Lip Masks, and Salsa-Dancing-Emoji-Lewks | elizahiggins.com

Dog Hats, Lip Masks, and Salsa-Dancing-Emoji-Lewks (Oh my!)

March 28, 2017

If you have been following along on my Snapchat and insta stories recently, you may have noticed that I am getting very into skin/hair masks these days. I wanted to give you a little review of two of my favorites so far.

Dog Hats, Lip Masks, and Salsa-Dancing-Emoji-Lewks | elizahiggins.com
It's SPRING !!! ... So Now What? | elizahiggins.com

It’s Officially SPRING … So Now What?

March 24, 2017

Spring has arrived -- *~ hEcK yEs*~. But unfortunately Mother Nature is playing a little game of catch up and it's not time to ditch your scarves and gloves quite yet. However, If you are itching to ceremoniously ditch some of your winter garb, I vote your winter jacket. Puffy coats be damned!

It's SPRING !!! ... So Now What? | elizahiggins.com
What to wear when babysitting a famous dog | elizahiggins.com

The Best Guest Star EVER: *Toast*

March 13, 2017

Ok so let's get down to it. I had the distinct pleasure of babysitting Toast (yes, that Toast Meets World), last week. And let me tell you, it was an absolute delight. Also, Toast's momma, Katie of The 12ish Style - is an absolute rockstar who has not only one, but THREE rescue pups - who are all text book perfection.

What to wear when babysitting a famous dog | elizahiggins.com
Outfit Inspiration For When You Don't Need A Coat But You Don't Not Need A Coat | elizahiggins.com

Outfit Inspiration for When You Don’t Need a Coat but You Don’t Not Need a Coat

March 8, 2017

Happy Wednesday kids. If you've been following along on my Instagram recently -- mostly my insta stories -- you'll know that I had the distinct pleasure of dog sitting the famous Toast Meets World this past weekend. Her momma was on a trip and arrived home on Monday, so my dog sitting bliss just ended. And if you know anything about me, you know that I like some dogs more than I like some people. So having a dog around all the time was more than excellent.

Outfit Inspiration For When You Don't Need A Coat But You Don't Not Need A Coat | elizahiggins.com

What to Wear When it Feels Like Spring in February

February 27, 2017

Ok, so you know how I feel about talking about the weather – boring – but right now you must give me a pass. Because the weather has been ~*WeIrD~*. I mean 70 degrees in February -- come on now!? Last I checked, spring doesn't begin until March 20th -- clearly Mother Nature is just messing with us. Needless to say the planning of outfits for said weather has been a challenge.

Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day — You Deserve it, XOXO

February 14, 2017

This year, instead of doing a typical Valentine's Day gift guide, I've decided to put together some well curated inspiration for what you should treat yourself to this V-Day. Because, hey, you're worth it.

Snow Day | elizahiggins.com

Love is Love

February 13, 2017

This weekend, I was lucky enough to attend the HRC Greater New York Gala. And it was truly a night to remember. The black tie event was held in the iconic Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan which is about to close its doors for major renovations. While dining in the Grand Ballroom, we heard honorees Meryl Streep, Seth Meyers and the visionary team behind the film Moonlight speak.

Snow Day | elizahiggins.com
October 1, 2017

Living For Velvet

September 19, 2017


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