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March 21, 2016

J. Crew Reversible Button Down | thevillagevogue.comMother Denim | thevillagevogue.comMother Denim | thevillagevogue.comMonika Chiang Clutch | thevillagevogue.comJ. Crew Reversible Button Down | thevillagevogue.comJ. Crew Reversible Button Down | thevillagevogue.comBelliza Knight Necklace | thevillagevogue.comMother Denim | thevillagevogue.comZara heels | thevillagevogue.comMother Denim | thevillagevogue.com

A fun trick for when you get sick of all of your clothes and don’t want to buy an entire new wardrobe: just start wearing them all backwards! It’s a thing, you guys, I swear, you should try it.

Another crazy thing – yesterday (today, as I’m writing this) was (is) this first day of spring and it SNOWED in NYC. This is the second consecutive year (maybe even the third or fourth I just don’t remember the weather conditions on the vernal equinox in 2014 so I can’t be sure). But I am sure the past two years on the first day of spring, it has snowed. Can’t you just see Mother Nature really getting a kick out of that. She’s all smug like “got you again, suckers!” That sneaky sass face!

But back to the clothes – and reality. You guys should 100% try this. This button down (one might argue is boring worn alone sans jooshe) but buttoned up only half way and worn backwards it’s positively saucy (and not one ounce boring). Try it with an old button down that you haven’t worn in awhile because you are bored of it but can’t bear to part with it because it’s treated you well. Oh, also try it with a cardigan – it’s all sexy school girl/librarian – if you know, that’s what you’re going for.

Ok, I’m done here. Happy Monday kiddos!

Wearing: Mother The Hustler Ankle Fray Jeans, Monika Chiang clutch (old – also love this, this and this), J. Crew Striped Button Down, Vintage Blazer (love this, this and this), Zara Heels (old – love these and these), Illesteva Leonard Sunglasses, Maybelline The Buffs Lipcolor in Truffle Tease

Jewelry: YSL Arty Ring, Belliza Knight Necklace (also love this), Miansai Naomi Cuff, Bing BangCrystal Shard Stud Earrings, Bing Bang Tiny Geometric Stud, Number ’13’ Stud Earrings Found on EtsySteven Alan Gold Bar Stud Earrings, Michelle Campbell Ring (love this one)

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