Who do you dress for? No, but seriously…

May 11, 2015

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In case you haven’t guessed it, I have a thing for flares these days – in a big way. Whether they are cropped, floor-length, destructed or high-waisted, I have a yes-please-it’s-for-me feeling about this particular dose of denim. It’s time for our skinny jeans to take a well deserved break. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good skinny jean, especially when it has a raw edge. But seriously, after a winter where said skinny jeans, sneakers and some iteration of a boot or bootie are the only things to reside on your legs and feet, boy oh boy do platform sandals and a nice wide flare feel good. This trend isn’t something new, I’m quite aware that I both look and feel like I belong in the ’70s with this one. But I feel fresh. And that’s all that matters, right?

The above rhetorical got me thinking of a few conversations that I have had recently with friends–both girls and guys–about who we dress for. Many of my friends will pick out an outfit and contemplate whether it is “guy-cute” or “girl-cute”. Here’s my take: Guy-cute is something a bit more racey, sophisticated, and sexy but understandable. Something overly out-there isn’t usually a win when it comes to guy-cute. Girl-cute on the other hand is something fresh, bold and cool – something that will have your friends saying “love that – where did you get it!?”. I have to believe that my friends and I aren’t the only 20-something girls out there who discuss this type of criteria when getting dressed. That said, it has gotten me thinking about who I dress for: guys or girls? At first I kept going back and forth unable to determine the answer. I now realize that the answer to this quite unimportant but also thought provoking question is: C. None of the above. I dress for myself. Im not saying that I don’t take the whole guy-cute, girl-cute thing into account. But ultimately, I wear what makes me feel good and whatever I think is the most cool, rad, chic and exciting on that particular day. It is this self expression that makes me happy, and ultimately defines my style. The process of trying on 4 pairs of shoes and 10 different shirts until I find the one is inspiring and motivating (and yes, sometimes excruciating). I figure it comes down to this: if you feel unapologetically cool in it, then wear it and more importantly, own it.

Wearing: Club Monaco Lindell Stripe Top, J. Brand flares (old but also love these), Platform Sandals (old but love these), Helmut Lang Perforated Leather Jacket, Celine Cross body, Illesteva Leonard Sunglasses, Manicure by Paintbox

JewelryMiansai Naomi cuff, Lionette Gilmore bracelet, Belliza Knight evil eye bracelet and beaded bracelet, Vintage Rolex watch, Saint Laurent Arty Ring, Lionette Byron Bay earring, Bing Bang tiny triangle stud, Steven Alan gold bar stud earrings, Number ’13′ earrings found on Etsy

Photography by Alexander Scott Harris

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