Think Warm Thoughts (OH and happy *sale* shopping!)

April 6, 2016

Spring Sale |

Since it is less than 20 degrees in New York this morning and I’m dreaming of warm sunshine (and my NCAA Champion Villanova Wildcats!) I bring to you this colorful and sunny shopping guide to get you through this week of bitter cold (uheeem April!?) weather. Pretty soon you too will have visions of tan lines, buzzer-beater 3-pointers, outdoor dining, 77-74 NCAA victories and pom-pom trim in your head.

OK, I’ll admit – I’m a BIT distracted/overjoyed by the big Villanova W so I’ll just cut to the chase – Shop Bop is having their friends + family event which means through April 7th full price and sale items are 25% off with code INTHEFAM – check out my faves!

  1. Shashi Lilu Charm Earrings: UM hello! It’s like a party on your ear lobes – need I say more?! 
  2. Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers: I recently splurged and got myself these Golden Goose sneakers. They had been on my wish list for basically ever and I finally took the plunge. Often times after making a purchase that I have thought about a lot for something I don’t actually NEED but I want I find myself thinking about whether or not I regret it (because I’m crazy like that). And ladies and gentleman, there is not one ounce of regret for my Golden Goose kicks – I LIVE in them. They are 100% my favorite sneakers (and if you know me personally, that is saying a lot). Do yourself a favor and get a pair!
  3. Matthew Williamson Round Cat Eye Sunglasses: If you’re looking for an accessory to help you bring the cool this summer – these sunglasses are it. They are super fly, that is all.
  4. Jules Smith Large Stone Ring: I was recently having a conversation at work about colored pave (Yes, I work in accessories. No, I’m not a lunatic.) and I expressed the thought that colored pave is truly fab as long as it is done right. Colored pave done wrong would go from totally rad to totally horrifying reallllly fast. This ring is helping to give colored pave a good name, bravo!
  5. Books with Style Absolutely Beautiful Things: because coffee table books should be really really ridiculously good looking.
  6. Levi’s 721 High Rise Distressed Skinny Jeans: If you’ve been looking for the perfect distressed denim, you are welcome (courtesy of Levi’s of course)!
  7. Shourouk Eye Multi Bracelet: this bracelet will bring the wow factor to any summer stack – BADDA-BLING!
  8. Star Mela Tipi Pouch: In case you haven’t picked up on it yet – items with color, texture, and fringe and I are in a SERIOUS relationship right now. This clutch is clutch (sorry, please don’t hate me for that).
  9. Flight 001 Let’s Get Lost Pouch: in case you needed another reason to book those flights for some exotic place – do it now (and bring this pouch)!
  10. Elina Linardaki Sandals: this is what all shoes would look like if shoes could peacock. I would be one happy chick (also available here and here!).

Happy shopping, stay warm, and YAY VILLANOVA WILDCATS! xx


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