May 22, 2015

The Village Vogue - SummerThe Village Vogue - SummerThe Village Vogue - SummerThe Village Vogue - SummerThe Village Vogue - SummerThe Village Vogue - SummerThe Village Vogue - SummerThe Village Vogue - SummerThe Village Vogue - SummerThe Village Vogue - Summer

Ahh Memorial Day weekend, it’s like a long lost friend just showed up – and I couldn’t be happier. I couldn’t not start off the summer with stripes and a crop top. Because it is officially that time of the year again – the time we wake up to sunny skies at 7am and head to work only to leave hours later to the tune of a bright day. So then it’s time to grab dinner, drinks, savor an ice cream – whatever you want! – and we can do it wherever we want, like, including, outside. There really is nothing better than that feeling of sharing a meal with friends outside on a summer evening. I. Can’t. Wait.

But it’s not just the daylight that makes the next three months a real world eutopia. For me, summer means forgoing perfume because the smell of ocean air mixed with sunscreen is just better; it’s when saltwater becomes your go to hair product and when throwing on mascara and ChapStick become your makeup routine. Summer is leaving the house in a bikini and scarf for the day (can you say sarong) and it is when corn on the cob, tomatoes, and honest to god freshness become the main ingredients of any respectable meal. Summer is traveling out of the confines of the concrete jungle that is NYC every weekend and yet taking advantage of all that this city has to offer more than ever. It’s when listening to the same upbeat, mood saving, smile inducing song on repeat is acceptable and expected. Bottom line, summer is just better.

So this summer let’s take advantage of all the hours of daylight, wake up an hour earlier  so that we can get that workout out of the way and grab drinks after work, let’s bare our midriffs proudly, and throw the rule book out the window. Who’s with me!?

Summer 2015 commencing in 3, 2, 1…

Wearing: Zinke Carter Crop Top, Lovers + Friends Skirt (also love this one), Heeled Sandals old but also love these, Leather jacket from Florence, Italy (also love this one), Monika Chiang Clutch (also love this), Illesteva Leonard Sunglasses, Manicure by Paintbox

JewelryMiansai Naomi cuff, Lionette Gilmore bracelet, Belliza Knight evil eye bracelet and beaded bracelet, Vintage Rolex watch, Saint Laurent Arty Ring, Lionette Byron Bay earring, Bing Bang tiny triangle stud, Steven Alan gold bar stud earrings, Number ’13′ earrings found on Etsy

Photography by Alexander Scott Harris

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