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October 21, 2015

The Village Vogue - Say My NameThe Village Vogue - Say My NameThe Village Vogue - Say My NameThe Village Vogue - Say My NameThe Village Vogue - Say My NameThe Village Vogue - Say My NameThe Village Vogue - Say My NameThe Village Vogue - Say My Name

Monogramming in general, I think, is underrated. So is menswear for women, which I have made a case for previously here and here. I love borrowing from the boys – I love a men’s watch, Cologne (really feeling for this one), button down, you get the idea. This shirt is where menswear meets personalization in the best way possible. This button down doesn’t stop at customization through in-your-face embroidery, you can also make it your own with interchangeable collars and convertible cuffs.

All of those things about this silk top are great, but none of them are the best thing. The best thing about this shirt is how you feel when you wear it. Recently I’ve been giving some major thought to how what you wear makes you feel. Because, at the end of the day, that is what matters. Right?


So, by those standards, this shirt kills the game. Because it makes me feel confident and cool as hell. And, if you ask me, there really isn’t anything better than confidence. Confidence is sexy, effortless, and authentic. And who in their right mind wouldn’t want to be all three of those things? The correct answer to that rhetorical question is: nobody. Nobody wouldn’t want to be all of those things. The tricky thing about confidence though, is that, like most good things, it ebbs and flows. And just like some people will bring out the best in you and ignite your confidence, some killer clothes will do the same. So, goal to surround yourself with those people who bring out your confidence and wear the clothes that make you feel so unapologetically and confidently you.

Happy Wednesday, rock stars.

Wearing: Marieclaire St John Dress Shirt, Leather Pants old (also love these), Leather Jacket from Florence, Italy (also love this one), Club Monaco Mules (also love these), Bobbi Brown Hollywood Red Lipstick, Super Lucia Sunglasses (also love them in black), Monika Chiang Novel Clutch (also love this one), Evil Eye Manicure by Valley

JewelrySarah Chloe Ava Gothic Personalized Necklace, Bing Bang Baguette Continuous Earrings, Bing Bang Tiny Geometry Duet Stud Earrings, Abby Carnevale Flower ring and hand chain, Steven Alan gold bar stud earrings, Number ’13′ earrings found on Etsy, Vintage Rolex Watch

Photography by Alexander Scott Harris

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