It’s A Doily, It’s A Bib, It’s A Shirt!

April 18, 2016

Storets Ruffle Blouse | thevillagevogue.comStorets Ruffle Blouse | thevillagevogue.comStorets Ruffle Blouse | thevillagevogue.comStorets Ruffle Blouse | thevillagevogue.comJ. Brand Flares | thevillagevogue.comStorets Ruffle Blouse | thevillagevogue.comJ. Brand Flares |

Let’s talk about seriously bizarre clown shirts that are really really appealing, shall we? Oh also – just to warn you – there is no way I’m not going to mention this weekend’s unbeatable weather at least once.

So a frilly statement top, not necessarily a must, but certainly not a must not. Ya feel me? Also, this particular blouse just happens to be HEAVILY inspired by a Miu Miu top that I found myself infatuated with earlier this year. This shirt – though perfect for a street style moment during fashion week and for really any fashion related event – is a bit difficult to style for real life wear. Like, how, for instance, will I wear this top to work – or heaven forbid on a date!? I *think* I could maybe get away with it to work in a pair of straight leg skinny jeans with ballet flats and a gold choker. But even then, it’s a big maybe. So, why do we buy these items, that are so appealing yet so – dare I say impractical? Sure, this shirt is a look-a-like to an IT item that we may not be bored to tears with in the blink of an eye simply because it has been SLIGHTLY less overexposed than some of our other favorite it items – like say, the fur lined Gucci loafers that have been tattooed to our retinas and pop up every time we refresh our instagram feeds. But bottom line, it is an impractical shirt and even though it is really really cool it is largely misunderstood and has been categorized by more than a few of my friends as: ugly. But this shirt, for me, is all about just that. Most people won’t get it. But those who do get it – will love it. Pulling it out of my closet gives me a twinkle in my eye. Like I just know it’s going to be a good day. Because, how can you not be in a good mood in this silly pretty shirt?



Happy Monday kids – enjoy the SUNSHINE. It’s what’s effing happening. xx

Wearing: Storets Striped Shirt, J. Brand High Waisted Flares, Jeffrey Campbell Heels (old – also love these), Le Specs Halfmoon Magic Sunglasses (also love them in this color), Savoy Wicker Clutch (old – also love this), Maybelline The Buffs Lipcolor in Truffle Tease

JewelryMiansai Naomi Cuff, Stella & Dot Bridge Bracelet, Belliza Knight Evil Eye Bracelet, Lionette Lennon Bracelet, Stella & Dot Chiara Embroidered Bracelet, Stella & Dot Signet Ring, Bing Bang Crystal Shard Stud Earrings, Bing Bang Tiny Geometric Stud, Number ’13’ Stud Earrings Found on EtsySteven Alan Gold Bar Stud Earrings

Photography by Alexander Scott Harris

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