February 29, 2016

Helmut Lang Shearling Jacket | thevillagevogue.comHelmut Lang Shearling Jacket | thevillagevogue.comRebecca Minkoff Bag | thevillagevogue.comBundled | thevillagevogue.comHelmut Lang Shearling Jacket | thevillagevogue.comRebecca Minkoff Bag | thevillagevogue.comHelmut Lang Shearling Jacket | thevillagevogue.comHelmut Lang Shearling Jacket | thevillagevogue.comRebecca Minkoff Bag | thevillagevogue.comIsabel Marant Booties | thevillagevogue.comRebecca Minkoff Bag | thevillagevogue.com

What to wear when it’s not cold but not warm yet either. I have two words for you: fuzzy (but also cool) layers.

Yup. It’s what works.

This nearly silly looking but also sort of cool pompom hat and the fully cool fingerless gloves are going to be necessary this week when the weather dips back down into the 30s. Yeah, it’s supposed to get that cold this week. Mother Nature can be a manic (s)asshole sometimes. So since it’s supposed to be 55 and rainy and 36 and frigid in a matter of days, we are going to have to be resourceful with our wardrobe. Go all ninja on your closet and make the appropriate selection of theatrical layers. Like this look: while fully bundled I’m ready for the polar vortex but when you peel off the fuzzy add ons and shearling jacket, I’m ready for nexflix and chill (or just to go to work, whatever the day may bring).

Also, while we are on the subject of lamenting reality, I’ve been sick all week. Not just an I have a cold boo hoo type of sick, a holy shit I have the flu and this totally phucking sucks type of sick. I didn’t leave my house for 94 hours straight — I don’t think I have done that since before I learned to walk. For those of you who don’t know me personally, I’m a get up and go, I have sh*t to do and I love being uber productive type of person. Needless to say, this was not my week. So if we meet on the street, in civilization, cohabiting with humans this week and I’m smiling like I’m seeing Kate and Leo on the red carpet together for the first time it’s because I’M PUMPED TO REJOIN THE WORLD.

That’s right, see ya later pajama people. Outside world: I’M BACK!

Add some pep into your step on this Monday morning – it’s leap day after all. xx

Wearing: Helmut Lang Asymmetrical Top (also love this),Helmut Lang Leather LeggingsHelmut Lang Shearling Jacket (love this, this and this), Rebecca Minkoff Bag and Guitar Strap (also love this and this), KREWE St. Louis Sunglasses, Isabel Marant Nowles Ancle Booties, Helmut Lang Fur Snood (also love this and this) Rex Fur Hat, Jocelyn Fur Mittens, Maybelline The Buffs Lip color in Truffle Tease

Jewelry: Jennifer Zeuner Sasha Lariat Necklace (also available here), Lionette Costa Bracelet, Lionette Lennon Bracelet, Belliza Knight Evil Eye Bracelet and Crystal Cubes Bracelet, Bing Bang Crystal Shard Stud Earrings, Bing Bang Tiny Geometric Stud, Number ’13’ Stud Earrings Found onEtsySteven Alan Gold Bar Stud Earrings, Vintage Rolex Watch

Photography by Alexander Scott Harris

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