August 20, 2015

The Village Vogue - BlueprintThe Village Vogue - BlueprintThe Village Vogue - Zara JacketThe Village Vogue - BlueprintThe Village Vogue - BlueprintThe Village Vogue - BlueprintThe Village Vogue - DetailsThe Village Vogue - BlueprintThe Village Vogue - Loeffler RandallThe Village Vogue - Blueprint

This jacket is one of those fast fashion phenomenons that sells out – to the piece – within days. I say you go, Zara — for creating a garment so perfect. But this particular jacket was almost frustrating in its rapid disappearance from stores and online. Like come on, don’t keep us wanting more.

I’ve worn this particular embellished jacket so often this summer it may appear to some of my friends that I don’t actually own any other clothing. But I have to argue in favor of wearing this jacket (or shirt, as I’m wearing it here) every time. It’s just so versatile and BONUS it pretty much embodies my idea of summer dressing: predominantly white with a touch of blue, embroidery, fringe interest AND tassels. Come on now.

It’s been my choice for summer date nights with a sheer white tank, as a coverup on chillier beach days, as something to throw on when going to beach dinners with family, and as my go-to travel layer to keep warm on the planes, trains, automobiles (and ferry boats) that come with summer in New England.

You get it right, I love this jacket. And PSA people: Zara has done it again. They just updated this bad boy with new embroidery in a more fall-trans palette. You can find it: here. I’m envisioning wearing it early September with white denim, to football games, apple picking and many other fun-filled fall activities. When it gets full on fall chilly I’m going to throw a turtleneck under there and let the jacket live on.

Happy online shopping, happy summer and happy Thursday kids!

Wearing: Zara embroidered jacket (new version available here), J. Brand white cut off shorts, Zinke Taylor striped bikini top, Loeffler Randall evil eye sandals (old but also love these), KREWE St. Louis Sunglasses

JewelryMiansai Naomi cuff, Belliza Knight evil eye bracelets, crystal cube bracelet and upper arm bracelet, Gorjana super star necklace, Lionette Costa Bracelet, Saint Laurent Arty Ring, Steven Alan gold bar stud earrings, Number ’13′ earrings found on Etsy

Photography by Alexander Scott Harris

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