A Case Study: The Soft Flare.

November 9, 2015

Club Monaco Sweater | thevillagevogue.comAbercrombie Flares | thevillagevogue.comAbercrombie Flares | thevillagevogue.comAbercrombie Flares | thevillagevogue.comCampbell O-Chain Ring | thevillagevogue.comAbercrombie Flares | thevillagevogue.comAbercrombie Flares | thevillagevogue.com

As I’ve pointed out (more than once) flares are a controversial trend that I’d like to have stay awhile. Amidst the high waisted, frayed edge, stark white and dark rinse denim flares I’ve seen roaming the streets of NYC and all over street style, I’ve been seeing these soft flares pop up and they caught my attention. When I saw this pair at Abercrombie (talk about a throwback, huh?) I figured I had to give the unexpected flair a spin.

So here it is: the soft flare, a do, or a don’t bother. Right off the bat they felt exponentially more comfortable than your typical denim flare – not surprising since they are essentially leggings with a rad bell-bottom. One point for the soft flare! They are high waisted too which is an automatic win – but since they are a soft pant there aren’t the kind of high waisted pant that you don’t really want to wear from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm for fear that they may get annoyingly uncomfortable. High waisted and soft – two more points in favor of the soft flare. These pants aren’t however universally likable and I’m not going to lie, when I was wearing this outfit I did receive a few sideways glances at the pants. But I actually like making people question their assumptions and take a second look so we will call that one negative and one positive – it’s a scratch. And the last major takeaway about this soft pant – they are surprisingly hard to walk in. The width of the flare makes is oddly difficult to not get your opposite foot caught in the flares wake when walking. I’m not kidding, I nearly tripped three times wearing these. That’s a definite negative for the soft flare. So all in all I’d say the soft flare came out on top with some slight grievances against it but also some major positives. I’d say, it’s worth a try. And hey, you may even find yourself questioning your own assumptions.

Happy Monday babes!

Wearing: Club Monaco Zowie Ruffle Back Sweater (now on sale!), Abercrombie soft flares (also love this version and this version), Loeffler Randall Lia Booties, Leather Jacket from Florence, Italy (also love this one), Vintage Chanel Bag, Marc Jacobs Moody Margot Lipstick, Evil Eye Manicure by Valley

Jewelry: Miansai Naomi Cuff, Belliza Knight Evil Eye Bracelet, Number ’13’ Necklace and NYC Subway Token Necklace, Lionette Lilu Earring, Bing Bang Tiny Geometric Stud, Campbell O-Chain Ring (also love this version), Vintage Rolex Watch, Steven Alan Gold Bar Stud Earrings, Number ’13’ Stud Earrings Found on Etsy

Photography by: Alexander Scott Harris

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